Common States


Common Citizen offers a wide range of premium, purpose-driven cannabis products that respond to four fundamental human need states. Explore each below to discover which is right for you.

Daily Dose

Like a daily wellness practice, Daily Dose supports everyday well-being. From helping you focus your mind on work to rejuvenating your body after an intense workout, it contributes to greater clarity, energy, and strength in your daytime pursuits.

Sweet Relief

In Sweet Relief you’ll discover an all-natural alternative that soothes everyday aches and pains. Take it when you wake up to chase away everything from a throbbing head to a sore back so you can relax completely and make the most of your day.


Before bed, after a stressful day, or anytime you’d like to take a mini vacation from life’s little annoyances, Unplug is ideal. Think of it as a temporary exit strategy, a time out in real time where you can chill out and re-emerge refreshed.

Time to Shine

Elevate the everyday from time-to-time with Time to Shine. Experience events and adventures that are richer, fuller, and more vibrant. Turn up the fun, tune into a deeper level of connection, and explore new dimensions of familiar activities.


Common Citizen grows more than 60 unique strains of cannabis in our greenhouse farm facility in Marshall, Michigan. From meeting or exceeding government regulations to operating as sustainably as possible, we seek to do our best for our customers, community, and planet. Our wide range of offerings, including bulk flower, prepackaged flower, pre-rolls, and mini pre-rolls, aims to provide the ideal product for people’s various lifestyles and needs. By maximizing economies of scale, we live up to the highest quality standards while also keeping our products affordable.